Group Norwegian classes

Multisensory pronunciation training in groups

I teach Norwegian pronunciation for groups, for instance university students, people working within costumer service in call centres. I offer a standard course of 16 academic hours, which can be held within two whole days, but am open to shorter and longer courses. Previously, I have held these courses both at universities (at University of Bergen for students from many countries and at a workshop for students from 4 different universities in the Baltic States) and enterprises, for instance, DNB, Statoil Fuel & Retail and the IT-company EVRY. These courses have partly been tailor-made.

Norwegian for groups:
What is the point of those courses?

Here are some of the most important advantages and goals of group courses in Norwegian:

  • To increase the awareness to the participant’s pronunciation in Norwegian and to compare Norwegian pronunciation with the pronunciation of the mother tongue of the participants and other languages they know
  • To develop orthoepic skills in Norwegian (to gain a more target-like pronunciation in Norwegian)
  • To have fun training Norwegian translation
  • To increase language self-esteem  in a friendly environment


Example of programme
for a two-day pronunciation course

Here you can find an example of a programme for a two-day pronunciation course. I can also adjust the content of the course so that it can vary according to the language background of the participants and the needs of the costumer. It can also be longer or shorter.

Day 1

09:00-11:00 A hitch-hike in the Norwegian pronunciation landscape
11:00-11:15 pause
11:15-12:30 A hitch-hike in different pronunciation landscapes – group work
12:30-13:15  lunch
13:15-14:30 Norwegian samba – training in speech rhythm (I)
14:30-14:45 pause
14:45-16:30 Norwegian samba – training in speech rhythm (II)

Day 2

09:00-10:00 The fairy tale about the three sounds E who were to go up to the hillside to make themselves fat
10:15-12:00 The two melodies of my language – rules for the usage of tone 1 and 2
12:00-12:45 lunch
12:45-14:15 How do I pronounce your name? Tones in proper names and compounds.
14:15-14:30 pause
14:30-15:30 How to be happy and angry in Norwegian – training in sentence intonation

The price for a course like this (16 x 45 minutes) is 12 000 NOK / 1425 € for private enterprises, but the price is dependent on number of hours, the extent of tailor making, number of participants etc.

The course can be held in different countries and cities worldwide, but travel, lodging and daily allowances apply. I live in Riga and there are cheap plane tickets to many cities in Europe.

For courses in Lithuania there is a special price of 1200 €, if interessted you can contakt UAB Nordisk Lietuva which is a centre for Nordic languages in Vilnius: