Norwegian over Skype


Are you interested in improving your Norwegian? I specialize on pronunciation training, but I will be happy to help with conversation courses, preparation for language test, specialized courses for work, and other aspects of language. I have over 20 years of experience in teaching languages to many students from different countries and with different language backgrounds – that is why I can help you improve your Norwegian in an interesting and effective way over Skype.


1 training 3 trainings 5 trainings
30 minutes 40 € 115 € 180 €
45 minutes 55 € 155 € 250 €
60 minutes 72,50  € 200 € 310 €


10 trainings 15 trainings 20 trainings
30 minutes 350 € 515 € 660 €
45 minutes 480  € 720 € 950 €
60 minutes 565  € 815 € 1050 €


Are you interested?

Write a mail to with the following information:

  • How long and how have you studied Norwegian (briefly)
  • What is your mother tongue and what other languages do you know
  • What is your language level approximately
  • If any particular, what skills or what aspects of Norwegian pronunciation is challenging for you/what you would like to train

I offer Norwegian, English, Latvian, German and Lithuanian as helping languages.


Why is it important to train your pronunciation?


We often focus on vocabulary and grammar when it comes to learning a language – maybe you have mastered Norwegian grammar and maybe you know many words and phrases, but it will sound wrong even if the grammar is perfect. Many Norwegians won’t even notice that your language is totally correct when it comes to grammar, if your pronunciation is not good when you speak – pronunciation is something that gives as the first (and the strongest) impression!

Would you like to get individual help to improve your pronunciation in Norwegian? I have my own teaching method and I offer Skype lessons. I am from Oslo and speak Eastern Norwegian dialect.

Free feedback about your pronunciation!

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If you are interested in training pronunciation, I can send you a short feedback about where you could improve your pronunciation.

If you are interested, I would appreciate if you could record and send me a sound file with you speaking in Norwegian, 3-5 minutes, in addition to information written above. You could tell about yourself, job or studies, where you live, your leisure interests – or anything else. If you find it difficult to speak, you could also read a text in Norwegian (one page). Send it to


Too expensive?

03 free class

If my prices are a bit too high for you, or you for some other reasons would prefer another teacher, have a look at Nordiskype for other Norwegian language teachers and for teachers of other Swedish and Danish.